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Quick Q&A with celebrity trainer Jenna Willis

Jenna Willis, is a Los Angeles-based celebrity fitness trainer, doggy mom, motivational muse and the unstoppable force behind the online company  "Don't Sweat It Alone", an at-home, full-body, HIIT workout, strength training, and healthy living program. 

Jenna is an ISSA-certified trainer and official TRX Ambassador, and has been featured in Women’s Health Magazine, Daily Mail, Cosmo and Women’s Fitness Magazine and is a contributor for Us Weekly, Good Day LA, and Skinny Confidential. 




What lead you to become a trainer?

Physical fitness has always been my emotional fitness in being a place where my anxiety could subside. What had always been a hobby, turned into a career where I could in turn allow others to feel the same. 


How do you typically start your day or what’s your morning routine?

Loving on my pups, having mindful moments, and enjoying that first cup of coffee (if you know, then you know) !


What are 3 things you can’t live without?

Should we just go back to my morning routine? And let’s add exercise to that list! 


What’s the best part of your job?

Getting to be a part of someone’s journey towards a more confident strong self is truly life-changing.


What’s the best part of training Liza Koshy? 

Nonstop laughter and her hype-woman energy. 


Do you have any tips or tricks on how to stay motivated?

Love this. Envision yourself after the workout. Layout your clothes the night before, and set concrete goals that are obtainable.




When do you feel most beautiful?

When I feel like I’m most in tune with my whole self. Spending time not just on my physical self, but also getting my mental state in alignment with loving myself. 


How do you use Orro throughout your day?

Orro has been a saving grace during my long days on set and in between (and during) my clients. There are many days when I just don’t have time to stop and get a proper meal full of nutrients. I need to fuel myself throughout the day, and it’s easy to fall into the pattern of unhealthy snacks and bad habits! Orro helps me stay balanced in my busy world.


What is your favorite song, album, or artist right now?

I’m a forever sucker of top hits and 80’s classic rock. 


What is your favorite restaurant in LA?

Izakaya. I crave sushi daily. 


What’s the best advice you've ever received?

No one will ever respect your time as much as yourself.

You have to show up and suck before you can show up and shine. 

What are you up to now, any new projects, content, etc. you want people to know about?

I’ve been so excited for the launch of my personal virtual fitness company Don’t Sweat It Alone, which is my at-home, full-body, HIIT workout, strength training, and healthy living program where I offer a variety of workout options taught by yours truly, and several other world-renowned trainers. I teach interactive LIVE workouts tri-weekly and also offer a wide variety of On Demand classes including HIIT, body weight and resistance band, yoga, treadmill, and recovery workouts, ranging from 5-60 minutes. On Instagram, I’ve been fortunate enough to foster a community where I share my quick workouts, fitness insights, healthy tips, and personal breakthroughs. Catch up, warm-up and work out with me there! Lastly, be sure to catch me on TRX On-Demand and Fabletics for some fun workouts as well!


Where can everyone find you?

@msjennawillis on Instagram 


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